The Biggest Custom Home Challenges and How to Mitigate Them

Building a custom home in St. George, UT is a big project, one that is not without its fair share of challenges and obstacles. With any large, time-consuming endeavor, it’s inevitable to run into delays and other problems. This guide covers some of the most common custom home building challenges so you can go in prepared for what you’ll do if (or when) you have issues.

Budget issues

When your budget doesn’t align with your dream features and fixtures, you’ll have to either increase your budget or make cuts somewhere. It’s very common to find that some aspects of your custom home are more expensive than initially expected. To minimize these kinds of surprises, have your builder and architect work together as soon as possible. They’ll be able to spot potential issues and advise you on the best course of action before construction starts—this will ultimately save you time and keep your budget expectations realistic.

Permit delays

No one enjoys paperwork, especially when it’s holding up construction. Unfortunately, permit delays are all too common in construction and contracting—luckily, your builder will take care of permits, licenses, insurance and other bureaucratic red tape. Permits almost always take longer than estimated due to the sheer number of documents and the people or agencies that need to review them. An experienced contractor won’t waste this time, however. There are plenty of proactive tasks your builder can do while the permit process is ongoing, such as soliciting bids from vendors, helping you secure financing and more. Ask your builder what to expect and how they’ll handle potential permit delays.

Long lead times for materials

Everything your home needs, such as countertops, windows, flooring materials, appliances and more, all come with lead times. Depending on how busy the manufacturers and vendors are, the lead times may be a lot longer than desired. Ordering materials early in the process is key to cutting down these lead times so that the builder will be ready to go by the time they arrive. Try to be as certain as possible of your material choices, as changing your mind during the process can cause even further delays.

Design changes

Speaking of changing your mind, if you find that your desires or needs have shifted during the building process, you can make adjustments—but bear in mind that there will be additional delays, especially if you need to bring in the architect again or get new materials.

Unforeseen costs

Finally, there are always unpredictable events that can cause unforeseen delays and costs. From market changes to natural disasters or other acts of God, no builder or architect can plan for every eventuality. Expect that there may be additional issues, and ask your builder what their process is for handling problems like these.

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