November 9, 2016

Fred Walker

"We have experienced nothing less than professionalism when dealing with Building Concepts of Southern Utah. Brent will go out of his way to make sure complete satisfaction is obtained. He has an eye for detail and know just how to place the primary and secondary focal points of his project and completed work. No cut corners with his workmanship. We would highly recommend calling him!"
July 22, 2016


"Brent Anderson (Building Concepts) built our home in 2014 in Green Valley, St George. We found him while we were visiting the home show here. We found him to be fair and extremely easy to work with. Not only did he accommodate all our wishes and changes as the home was going up, but had many suggestions which made the home more livable and enjoyable. The experience was a good one, which was not the case for other of our friends who had other builders. We would recommend him without hesitation. Larry and Nancy Hayes"
June 9, 2016

Lynne McWilliams

"Brent is great. We hired him because when we were getting bids his electrician told us he was a good man and also his price was fair. I appreciated that when he said something would get done, it did. He had a good relationship with all the workers. A few told us that they would not do such a small job for someone but they had worked with Brent for a long time and did it for him. They showed up when needed which is surprising in today's day and age. Although he builds much larger projects he treated us as if we were important. This project was something very special for me and Brent did a great job. He came in time and on budget.. I highly recommend Brent."
June 6, 2016

Wendy Chandler

"I have had the opportunity to work with Brent Andersen as one of his sub-contractors on many occasions. Let me say that only the highest quality products go in to his custom built homes. It is a absolute privilege to be a part of his outstanding workmanship and expertise. He never ceases to amaze me with his custom drawn house plans and the use of space. If you have a idea Brent will do everything he can to implement it in your plans. He will listen to your wants and needs. Brent will design and build you a home that will not only be lovely but will be the most efficient. I highly recommend him."
February 23, 2016


"I have enjoyed my relationship with Brent Anderson over the years. As a realtor, I have used Brent and Building Concepts as my choice of builder as I have sold properties in an exclusive, gated community. Only a few builders have received authorization to build in this community and the homes that have been built by Brent Anderson are of the highest quality and design. His friendly nature and professionalism have resulted in long term friendships with those who have worked with him. As a result of my real estate work I have been acquainted with a number of builders but none that I trust more or have absolute confidence in than Brent Anderson. He is not only my builder of choice but a great friend."